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Announcing my Podcast!

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

After a lot of research, listening to fantastic podcasts from others, and getting lost in what appears to be a sea of audio....I'm adding to the chatter with one of my own. We launch it TODAY!

The podcast is called Informatics in the Round. Why, you ask? Well.....tune in to both the first episode, and the episode called "Naming My Baby" which are both online now, and you'll learn a lot about the work we put into that name and why we chose it.

We'll post a new episode each month. I'm extremely excited about this project, and hope you all get some enjoyment and knowledge by joining this journey with me and my guests!


Click here to give it a listen, or select Podcast from the menu above.

Here's a picture of the crew from our first episode: Informatics--Say What? Rhett McDaniel, Shannon Rich, KJ, and Adam Wright!

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