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Introducing: Me!

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Vanderbilt Graduation, 2019. One of the joys of being in academia is attending graduation. Let's just say that as a faculty member sitting in front of the graduates, who may be as young as 20, you feel, uh, wise!

Natalie, Kinsey, and Kevin
This is my daughter Natalie, and her BFF Kinsey, moving in to their new apartment as college seniors.

Kevin, Rob, and Bianca Del Rio
I wanted to include the full range of my life. This is my husband Rob (right), Bianca Del Rio (middle) and me at her show in Provincetown last summer. Rob and I go to Provincetown at least once a year.

My BDF (best dog friend) Chaz, a Wheaten Terrier. He'll consider trying anything, but wasn't having anything to do with waves!

Welcome to the blog that won't be a blog. I don't blog. I DO photograph, and I will enjoy posting links to my podcast here, which will launch this fall. But unless something absolutely amazing is happening that I can't get out as a photo or audio file, this may be it!

I decided to post a few pictures from a typical year in my life as the best way to describe me more holistically. I'm a professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. I'm a divorced and re-married dad who enjoys hanging out with his daughter (even going to Taylor Swift concerts with her!) I'm a husband to a wonderful man, and we enjoy traveling. And my buddy for the last 5 years has been my dog Chaz--who simply is everything you could ever ask for in a pet and companion!

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